As part of their 2008 marketing initiative, Midnight Gaming Championship (MGC) challenged GameDay to design and develop the new online web presence for their award winning, competitive video gaming tour sponsored by McDonalds and Walmart.  Some of the goals for the project included:

  • Deliver a new website that will showcase MGC as a prominent social networking destination for gaming enthusiasts
  • Deliver an engaging user experience that will promote membership sign-ups and encourage user interaction
  • Provide an intuitive, restricted access administration tool for the MGC staff to promote and manage gaming related events for their existing and prospective members

GameDay worked with the MGC team to design an edgy new website appearance that would appeal to the active, youth audience they entertain.   The new website look was then integrated with Ning, an open source social networking platform to provide their members state-of-the-art capabilities for interacting with one another through video and photo uploads, podcasts, forums, event registration, tour information and more.