RaceWeek's e-marketing program provides an opportunity for corporate partners to deliver their message to race fans who are looking for racing content. Whether you are trying to grow your database or communicate to our passionate fans, RaceWeek e-marketing can provide the solution for you.

Grounded in the principle of relationship marketing, RaceWeek e-marketing is simply the process of creating a relationship with motorsports fans so that our corporate partners can deliver their message in a more-well-received, less-cluttered environment.

Per Ian Gordon in his book Relationship Marketing - "Relationship marketing is the on-going process of identifying and creating new value with individual customers and then sharing the benefits of this over a lifetime of association."

Our staff works with you to identify the relationship marketing program that best fits your needs. Our weekly e-newsletter program allows your company to be delivered with our content on a regular, welcomed basis. Our customized e-mail database growth programs are designed to grow your database so that you can more effectively communicate with your customers and prospects.

Our team can assist you in both on-sight and online data collection programs. GameDay's team of interactive marketing specialists have developed key relationships within online social communities as a means of creating effective grass roots marketing channels. These communities reach fan specialized forums and social networks like MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube. These long-term relationships afford us the ability to deliver relevant racing content and marketing messages through blogs/postings that result in fan interaction and pertinent data collection.