Are your Pay-Per-Click campaigns not generating the return on investment you had hoped? Or are you new to paid search advertising and need someone with experience to help you implement a search marketing program to deliver a quantifiable success for your business? Gameday Interactive can help.

Gameday Interactive can manage the entire paid search marketing process for you, replacing guesswork with our time-proven methodology. Our four-step approach to Pay-Per-Click management includes the following:

Paid Search Discovery & Analysis

Discovery Meeting - Gameday Interactive will meet with your team in order to understand your business, overall marketing goals and objectives for the program. The discovery meeting will help our team to:

  • Understand your business (Products, services, competitive advantages, competitive landscape, etc.)
  • Define your Audience - Who is searching for your business? Who will click on your paid ads?

    Your pay-per-click audience will be different from the 'natural' search audience, or from visitors you get from other channels. We take this into account so that we can prepare the best keyword list and copy for your campaign.

  • Define your Goals - Why exactly are you advertising? We'll work with you to figure out exactly what your PPC campaign should accomplish.
Paid Search Keyword Research

- Based on our discovery meeting, Gameday Interactive will go to work selecting the 'niche' keywords that will deliver the most relevant traffic for the lowest cost. We start with our unique keyword mining process, which analyzes keyword selections from top ranking competitors in the space as well as drawing on historical search analytics for both PPC and natural search databases. Then we prepare keyword lists that include terms, misspellings and plural/singular possibilities.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign Design

Upon final approval of the initial keyword target set, Gameday Interactive will design a PPC program starting with geographic targeting, network targeting and keyword clusters that help to define campaigns and properly segment adgroups. We work to narrowly target adgroups so that the ad content, keywords and landing pages support each other from a content perspective. Proper campaign structure ensures keywords will be driving traffic at the most effective bid price.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign Development & Launch

Upon completion of the overall campaign and adgroup architecture, we then create ads that are relevant, audience-focused, calls-to-action and select the most appropriate landing pages to match the targeted keywords. A minimum of three ads will be generated for each adgroup for performance testing.

To write engaging, keyword relevant ads is only half of the task. Our search marketing team will review the appropriate landing pages at which the Pay-Per-Click ads point, so that your visitors will experience a consistent message from ad to compelling landing page call-to-action.

Once the campaign development is complete we install conversion tracking on your site. We then launch the campaign submitting keywords, ads, bids, and landing page URLs to search engines within a defined a campaign structure and help expedite keyword submission and editorial review.

Pay-Per-Click Management Services

Once the PPC program is launched, Gameday continuously monitors the campaign for click-thru and conversion performance, making adjustments to keywords, bid strategies, ad copy and landing pages. Our optimization strategy works to maximize quality score in order to achieve the best possible placement for your message at the lowest possible cost.