The culture of the Southwest is a proud way of life carefully preserved and highly regarded throughout the region. It remains a touchstone for the people who live there, influencing the way they think, act, dress, and of course the way they eat.

There is no better way to experience this way of life that to get a true Taste of the Southwest…This weekly half-hour television show has all the right ingredients: regional food that is in demand combined with a casual and intimate visit and lifestyle home tour with the hottest celebrities. You'll get a glimpse of their private lives, their special interests, and current projects, as they visit with world-famous chef Dean Fearing. While they cook, you experience a taste of regional flavor and celebrity stories as they deliver authentic, bold, and easy-to-make Southwestern style recipes.

With over 60 episodes produced, viewers are treated terrific recipes and stories from the likes of Bill Cosby, Al Roker, Troy Aikman, and many more from the world of entertainment.